Profile Information

  • Entertainment Type:   Producer
  • Genre:   Dream Pop and Alternative Indie Pop
  • Gender:   Female
  • Country:   Botswana



Hazel is an alternative-indie-pop music producer, a keenly self-studying audio engineer,
and an expressive songwriter and singer, leading an inevitably ever-dynamic life and lifestyle of a representative third-culture kid.
A constant longing for home and consistency of some sort developed in her the unconscious growth of her attachment and passion for creating music, as it continued to be the only unwavering invariable within cycles and cycles of change throughout her youth.
Her sound aspires to be a sonic exploration of eccentric and ethereal sounds led by electronic synth rhythms, layered with airy and evocative harmonies, and intertwined with contemporary drum elements.
Her artistic direction is inspired by a great range of artists from Enya to FKA Twigs,
and her favourite bands as a teenager, especially Incubus.
Her lyricism is influenced by her unending and unbounded wonders, experiences and perceptions of life and her interpretation of the peripheries and possibilities of the universes. Hazel is grateful for the opportunities to have performed at various events across her hometown, Gaborone, Botswana, as well in her former resident city, Cape Town, South Africa.
Her live performances have been described as mesmerizing and memorable.