Juz Beats



Amantle Gababotse aka Juz Beatz is a talented and very versatile music producer from Africa in a small landlocked country called Botswana… Born in a small village called Serowe raised and grew up in Gaborone where his love for music bloomed. Juz Beatz started making beats since he discovered a beat making software in a friends computer at 13He has worked with some of the most talented and well established artist in Botswana like Sasa Klass, Nature Inger,Drama Boi, Taf Naz, Taurin and the list goes on. He has also scored for local film productions such us Ntwakgolo/lethabile/Pelo Kgale/Trends and Pula Power to say the least. Thanks to a special friend of Juz Beatz a talent singer and producer by the name Hazel Halle Juz Beatz was heard and unearthed by The Firm… The rest will surely be written in the history books.